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The 2020 Graduate Certificate in the Engaged and Public Humanities application will open in Spring 2020 and made available through our Public Humanities Programs website.

Connected Academics is a national-scale project led by the Modern Language Association and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, aimed at preparing doctoral students of language and literature to be influential in a diversity of academic and non-academic careers. 

The goal of ReinventPhD, the Connected Academics task force at Georgetown, is to create initiatives to help institutions, faculty, and graduate students reimagine and reinvent doctoral education in the humanities.

Our initiatives seek to expand intellectual discourse beyond the university, cultivating dialogues with public intellectuals and specialists in non-academic areas and expanding the curriculum with training in the methods, practices, and skills associated with the public humanities.    

One of our central goals has been to develop a doctoral program in the humanities that combines the strengths of scholarly training with training for work environments beyond the university.

This would include, among other things, a shortened time to degree, alternatives to the traditional dissertation, the encouragement of interdisciplinary approaches, and mentored and credit-bearing Public Fellow internships (modeled on the ACLS Public Fellows Program), and new courses in the Public Humanities.

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Primary Investigator: Kathryn Temple

Affiliated Faculty: Ricardo Ortiz


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