2015 Reinvent PhD Retreat

On the weekend of Oct. 23-24, 2015, we hosted a diverse group of academics, professionals, and graduate students on Georgetown’s campus for a productive series of conversations focused on preparing humanities Ph.D.s for public and professional life. Our discussions revolved around the following questions:

  • What is the value of the Ph.D. in the humanities both within the academy and out in the world?
  • Given the academic job market, what is the proper role of current and planned doctoral programs in the humanities?
  • Are there programmatic changes that could better serve graduate students entering this market?

Panel Discussions 

A public forum on, followed by discussion and a reception, addressed current challenges and  innovations in humanities doctoral education. This framed a day-long series of interactive panel discussions, exploring better prepare humanities Ph.D. students for opportunities both within and outside of the academy. Panels included the perspectives of key administrators, recent graduate students, alt-ac representatives, and contingent faculty. Click here for more details and videos of the panels.

Design Lab

The retreat ended with a Design Lab where we explored and developed specific proposals for how to change doctoral programs in the humanities. Click for the results of the design lab. 


We recorded interviews with a number of participants. Click here to access the videos.

Reinventing the Humanitioes PhD - a retreat at Georgetown University - October 23- 24, 2015, flyer