Beyond Academia

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Beyond Academia: Georgetown’s Inaugural Career Fair for Humanities Scholars will bring together current and recent graduate students in a variety of humanities disciplines interested in careers beyond academia. Disciplines represented will include history, literature, philosophy, art and art history, theology, and Islamic studies. Current and recent graduate students in the humanities from around the Washington, DC area will be invited. 

Beyond Academia is a perfect opportunity for employers interested in or curious about hiring a humanities scholar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee to register for this event?

No, the event is free.

Can I attend the event even if my organization isn’t currently recruiting?

Yes, absolutely. You’re welcome to attend the career fair even if you’d simply like to establish connections with Georgetown graduate students for future hiring cycles.

What disciplines will be represented?

Current and former graduate students in a variety of disciplines will be invited. These disciplines include philosophy, history, literature, theology, art and art history, Islamic studies, German, and Italian.

Additional Questions

For any additional questions, please contact Tony Manela, Georgetown Connected Academics Lab Director.