PhD in the Public Humanities

ReinventPhD is a response to the structural problems that threaten the future of graduate studies in the humanities. It also seeks to respond to the marginalization of the humanities in the public world.  

One of our main objectives has been to develop a new PhD in the Public Humanities that will be housed in the Graduate School. For this purpose, we have organized a working group to advise us on the structure and content of this program.

As of January 2018, the proposal was submitted for review. Below you will find the document of the proposal, as well as the bibliography. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Project Manager Lauren Frey.


Friederike Eigler (Professor and Chair, Department of German) 

Rebecca Boylan (Lecturer, Department of English) 

L. Collier Hyams (Associate Professor of the Practice, Department of Art and Art History)

Justin Quam (Graduate Student, Department of German)

Robynn Stilwell (Associate Professor, Department of Performing Arts) 

Ricardo Ortiz (Associate Professor and Chair, Department of English) 

Henry Schwarz (Professor, Department of English) 

Patrick O’Malley (Associate Professor, Department of English) 

John Hirsh (Professor, Department of English) 

Gwen Kirkpatrick (Professor and Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese) 

Nicoletta Pireddu (Professor, Department of Italian)

Paul Heck (Professor, Department of Theology)

Shannon Stimson (Professor, Department of Government)

Lisa Strong (Associate Professor of the Practice, Department of Art and Art History) 

David Lipscomb (Director of the Writing Center, Assitant Teaching Professor, Department of English) 

Carol Benedict (Professor and Chair, Department of History) 


First Meeting, Jan. 27

Second Meeting, Feb. 11

Third Meeting, Feb. 23

Fourth Meeting, April 4